Homebuyer Tips: Everything you need to know to buy property in the DR

How to make your money work for you

Property Tax (IPI) in Dominican Republic (2021)

How to buy property in Dominican Republic

Documents you might need in order to buy property in Dominican Republic: Not all agents, not all banks and not all attorneys require this for every occasion, but these are the documents that should be required for every transaction.

Property Tax (IPI) in Dominican Republic:


Closing Costs Involved when buying property in Dominican Republic

Where in the DR to buy property

Title Insurance & Escrow Agents in the DR: What you should know.

How to open a bank account in Dominican Republic and why that's a good idea

Buying Pre-Construction in Dominican Republic: What you should know.

Your dream home and your investment: Not necessarily the same. Important Tips when choosing your new property

How to spot a good Investment Property

Choosing the right Property Manager

Why buy in Dominican Republic?

What a bargain is and what a bargain is not

Adding Value to your new Home: Renovations worth doing

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