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Complete list of overstay fees in Dominican Republic 2023 (approximate convertion to USD):


30 to 90 days: 46 USD

3 to 9 months: 74 USD

9 to 12 months: 93 USD

12 to 18 months: 121 USD

18 to 24 months: 148 USD

24 to 30 months: 174 USD

30 to 36 months: 202 USD

36 to 48 months: 293 USD

48 to 60 month: 367 USD

6 years: 550 USD

7 years: 773 USD

8 years: 917 USD

9 years: 1,100 USD

10 years: 1,283 USD



Property Tax (IPI) in Dominican Republic (2021)

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Come with us to one of our favorite local spots, just a 5-minute ride away from Cabarete center, deep in the jungle and right by the beach!

Spend a beautiful day at Playa Alicia Beach in Sosua and enjoy the exclusive cuisine from our friends at @steven_restaurant. See you there!


Any Sunday in Cabarete's Encuentro Beach: One of my very favorite secret spots on the island is Encuentro Beach and in this video I will introduce you to our friends Fabio & Antonio from Bona Onda Surf School & Café, our lovely Tiva from Salt Water Swimmwear, the guys at Chino Surf School and our friends from Pura Vida Encuentro for amazing breakfast! Come and live like a local! Click here for all our Encuentro Listings.

What your lifestyle in the Caribbean could look like: If you are still wondering what your life here could look like, why not come over and give it a try?! Getting that beach house is not about getting those four walls and a ceiling close to the beach, it's about completely getting into the Beach Lifestyle and all the positive benefits this can bring to YOUR life! Click here to contact me and find our more about how you can relocate to the DR.

Did you come to Kitesurf and catched a day with no wind? No problem! People in Cabarete always find something fun to do! If you haven't yet been in Cabarete it's about time you come and visit. If you liked this video click here to see all Cabarete listings for sale or here to see all Cabarete listings for rent.

How Kids live in Cabarete

Why Dominican Republic? Check out this video where I share with you some of the reasons why living in DR is definitely worth it! And if you like it, click here to see all DR listings all around the DR part of the island.

Grocery shopping in Dominican Republic: Join me for grocery shopping today in Supermercado Pola in Sosua, check out how low prices for fruit & veggies can be and how healthy you could live here:

Your dream are your investment: Not always the same!

Do not mistake your dreams for the reality of your investment, what you want and what you should invest in could be two very different things.

How to calculate the return on your investment: Learn to calculate the real return on your investment with this simple formula.


How to spot a good investment property: Here's a tip on how to quickly spot a good investment property.

How to list my property for sale in DR: Get to know which documents you need in order to list your property and why it's important you get familiar with them. Would you like to list your property? Click here.


A place large enough to retire but with all amenities to be a great rental property as well? We got it! In Sosua for 220,000 USD. 

Closing costs when buying real estate in Dominican Republic:

Did you like our video about Encuentro Beach? Then you will love this villa located right in Encuentro Beach, with plenty of space for you to live upstairs and rent our all the rooms downstairs. Enjoy the video!

Adding value to your new property: Which renovations are more important?

Why it's a good idea to list exclusive:

Making your life perfect doesn't mean waiting for someone to come and make it perfect. You can do it!


Santo Domingo Villa for only 307,800 USD. If you feel like being in the city, this might just be the perfect home for you. Check the video below or click here to view the complete listing.

Not ready to buy? No problem! Rent out this apartment in Cabarete's Kite Beach and see what life here is about. You can also click here to view the complete listing.

How to buy a property in the DR

Why I ask so many quetions when you send us an inquiry.


Located right in Cabarete Center with a roof top terrace for only 239,000 USD

A custom-made villa just for you in one of Sosua's best gated communities: